How to smoke a cocktail

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Elevate your mixology game: How to smoke a cocktail for a sensational experience

As the craft of mixology evolves, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance the flavors of their drinks.

Learning how to smoke a cocktail can give a remarkable twist to your beverage. Smoking a cocktail is a technique where you infuse your drink with the flavors of burnt wood, herbs, or spices.

It brings in a new layer of complexity and can transform an ordinary drink into a sophisticated and delectable concoction.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to smoke a cocktail and discuss the effects on the drinks.

How to smoke a cocktail: choosing the right ingredients

The first step on how to smoke a cocktail is selecting the appropriate ingredients.

Aromatic woods like hickory, oak, or cherrywood are great choices.

Besides, you can also experiment with herbs such as rosemary, or spices like cinnamon sticks.

Whisky smoker: a perfect tool for smoking cocktails

Investing in a good whisky smoker is essential. A whisky smoker is a handy tool that enables you to easily infuse the smoke into your cocktail.

It typically consists of a smoking gun and a dome or cloche that captures the smoke, ensuring the flavors are infused well into your drink.

How to smoke a cocktail: the smoking process

  1. Prepare your Cocktail: Before you smoke your cocktail, ensure that it’s ready in the glass in which you intend to serve it.

  2. Choose your Smoking Material: Depending on your preference, choose the type of wood chips, herbs, or spices you would like to use.

  3. Load the Whisky Smoker: Place the wood chips or herbs in the chamber of your Whisky Smoker.

  4. Light the Smoking Material: Turn on the Smoker and light the wood chips or herbs. Make sure you have the cloche ready over your cocktail.

  5. Infuse the Smoke: Release the smoke into the cloche, capturing it over your cocktail. Allow it to infuse for a few minutes. The longer you leave it, the stronger the smoky flavor.

  6. Remove the Cloche and Stir: Once you're satisfied with the intensity of the smoke, remove the cloche and give your cocktail a quick stir. This helps to evenly distribute the smoky flavors throughout the drink.

The effects of smoking on your cocktail

Now that you have learned how to smoke a cocktail, let’s talk about the effects it has on your drink.

The smoke imparts a rich, earthy flavor to your cocktail. The aroma of the smoke also plays a significant role in the overall experience as our sense of taste is highly influenced by smell.

Enhancing flavor profiles

Depending on the smoking materials you choose, you can add different flavor profiles to your cocktail.

For instance, oak wood might give a whiskey-based cocktail a more traditional aged flavor, similar to barrel aging.

On the other hand, using something like rosemary can add a herbal touch to a gin or vodka-based cocktail.

Aesthetic appeal

Apart from the flavor, smoking a cocktail adds an element of drama and aesthetic appeal to the drink.

The visual of the smoke swirling in the glass is likely to make your cocktail the star of the evening.


Learning how to smoke a cocktail also allows you to customize your drink according to your preferences or those of your guests.

By adjusting the type of smoke and the infusion time, you can create endless combinations, tailoring the cocktail to suit different palates.

Final thoughts

Smoking a cocktail is an art that can elevate your mixology skills to new heights. With a Whisky Smoker and a bit of creativity, you can transform your favorite beverages into smoky masterpieces.

Whether you are a professional mixologist or a home bartender, understanding how to smoke a cocktail is a skill that can impress any audience.

Not only does it add depth and complexity to the flavor of your drinks, but it also brings an air of sophistication and a visually striking component.

So, embrace your inner alchemist, and experiment with different smoking materials and infusion times to find that perfect smoky harmony for your cocktails.