The Glenfiddich Project XX Review

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A Star Amongst Whiskies: The Glenfiddich Project XX

In the vast constellation of single malt scotch whiskies, Glenfiddich Project XX is the North Star, guiding lost souls to the hallowed shores of whisky paradise.

You might think I am being hyperbolic, but let me assure you, Glenfiddich Project XX is worthy of a soliloquy or two.

The story behind the name

At first glance, you might be inclined to dismiss Glenfiddich Project XX as a marketing stunt. However, dig deeper and you'll uncover an enthralling tale behind its creation.

Glenfiddich Project XX (pronounced ‘twenty’) pays homage to the collaboration of 20 whisky experts from 16 countries. They were entrusted with the task of selecting one cask each, which were then melded together by Malt Master Brian Kinsman.

The result is an opus, a symphony of malts, and it is called Glenfiddich Project XX.


The Glenfiddich Project XX packaging is a love letter to minimalist elegance. Sleek lines and an embossed stag emblem whisper of the golden nectar that it cradles within. The sight of the bottle on your shelf could bring a tear to a glass eye.


Now, the scent. A gentle waft of Glenfiddich Project XX leaves you enraptured, like a minstrel’s song carried by a highland breeze.

You are transported to a cozy fireside adorned with old books and the subtle scent of blooming heather.

There are layers – almonds, sweet cotton candy, cherries, and a whisper of dark chocolate. This is an olfactory symphony, and the maestro is Glenfiddich Project XX.


Onward to the first sip, where Glenfiddich Project XX demonstrates its audacious complexity.

It waltzes across your palate like a highland jig – jubilant, vibrant, and full of life. There is the taste of summer fruits, the warmth of roasted almonds, and the embrace of sweet vanilla.

This is not just a flavor, this is an adventure through the Scottish Highlands.

Texture and aftertaste

As the liquid cascades down your throat, Glenfiddich Project XX reveals yet another act in its impressive repertoire.

Spices emerge, and the texture is akin to velvet. It's akin to finding a treasure trove within an ancient Scottish castle.

The aftertaste lingers, like the fond memories of a long-past summer.

Glenfiddich Project XX price

But what of the price, you ask?

In the UK, Glenfiddich Project XX sets you back around £50, which, considering its finesse, is akin to finding the crown jewels at a yard sale.

In the USA, the price hovers around $70, a pittance for the pleasure it brings.

Meanwhile, down under in Australia, expect to shell out approximately AUD 130.

Although the price in Australia might cause a slight wince, rest assured that Glenfiddich Project XX is worth its weight in liquid gold.

Glenfiddich Project XX Review: Verdict

In summary, Glenfiddich Project XX is an ode to the artistry of whisky creation. It’s the culmination of twenty minds, endless passion, and a legacy that only Glenfiddich could orchestrate. Glenfiddich Project XX, dear friends, is not just a whisky, it is a journey through time, senses, and emotions.