Rolex launch a pre-owned program

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Buying a used Rolex just got a bit less Whiskey.

Are you tired of buying brand new luxury watches that are just Do you long for the patina of age and the character that only comes with time? If so, we have some exciting news for you: Rolex has just announced their new Certified Pre-Owned program.

That's right, now you can buy a gently-used Rolex and feel just as good as you would with a brand new one. And the best part? Every Certified Pre-Owned Rolex comes with a complimentary "pre-owned" warranty. That's right, if anything goes wrong with your gently-used Rolex, Rolex will fix it for free. (Well, as long as it's not your fault. We're not running a charity here.)

But how does a watch become Certified Pre-Owned, you ask? It's a rigorous process, let us tell you. First, Rolex scours the world for the finest gently-used watches. Once they find a watch that meets their exacting standards, they put it through a series of rigorous tests. This includes checking for authenticity, inspecting the movement, and giving the watch a thorough cleaning.

Only after a watch has passed these tests does it earn the coveted "Certified Pre-Owned" designation. This means that you can be confident that your gently-used Rolex is just as good as a brand new one.

But that's not all. Every Certified Pre-Owned Rolex also comes with a complimentary "pre-owned" certificate of authenticity. This fancy piece of paper is your guarantee that your watch is the real deal. So the next time your snobby friend starts bragging about their brand new Rolex, just whip out your certificate and watch their face turn green with envy.

But wait, there's more! As a special bonus, every Certified Pre-Owned Rolex comes with a complimentary "pre-owned" polishing cloth. That's right, now you can buff your gently-used Rolex to a dazzling shine without spending a fortune at the jeweler. And the best part? The polishing cloth is pre-used, just like your watch. Talk about a match made in heaven.

But don't take our word for it. The next time you're in the market for a gently-used luxury watch, just look for the Certified Pre-Owned logo. It's your guarantee of quality and value.

So why wait? Head to your nearest Rolex dealer and start shopping for your very own Certified Pre-Owned Rolex today. You'll be glad you did. And remember: if it's not Certified Pre-Owned, it's not worth your time.