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The Whisky Club Reviewed: Sizing Up the Alternatives

Exploring the vast and varied world of whisky can be a daunting task.

That's where whisky subscription services like The Whisky Club come into play.

But how does it compare to the competition?

This article explores The Whisky Club alternatives, providing an in-depth look into the best whisky subscriptions available.

The Whisky Club: an overview

The Whisky Club, as the name implies, offers an exclusive club-like experience to whisky enthusiasts around the globe.

Subscribers are privy to a unique bottle of meticulously selected premium whisky each month.

This service’s draw lies not just in the delivery of fine whisky to your doorstep, but in the thrilling anticipation of a new, exceptional bottle every month - each with its own story and character.

What makes The Whisky Club's offering particularly appealing is their dedication to sourcing hard-to-find and limited edition whiskies.

Every bottle delivered has been carefully selected by a team of whisky connoisseurs, ensuring that members are not only receiving a high-quality whisky, but also experiencing a taste that's not readily available elsewhere.

In our  Whisky Club review, we highlight the club's flexibility.

Subscribers can choose the bottle size that suits their consumption habits and budget, with options for a standard or a larger bottle.

Members also have the freedom to skip a month if they so wish or cancel their subscription at any time without incurring penalties.

This allows whisky lovers to fully control their whisky journey.

However, The Whisky Club's appeal extends beyond the tangible bottle of whisky.

Members gain access to a vibrant community of fellow whisky enthusiasts, along with opportunities to attend exclusive events, tastings, and distillery tours.

This added value creates a comprehensive whisky experience that goes beyond simply tasting and savoring the spirit.

Lastly, The Whisky Club emphasizes education, providing members with detailed information about the month's selection, including the distillery's background, tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions.

For whisky aficionados eager to deepen their knowledge, this focus on education enhances the overall experience.

Whisky Loot

As we explore The Whisky Club alternatives, Whisky Loot stands out.

This Australian service delivers three 60ml bottles of whisky to its subscribers each month.

These whiskies come from different regions and distilleries, offering members the opportunity to explore the whisky world's diversity.


When looking at The Whisky Club alternatives, Flaviar can't be overlooked.

Offering a quarterly service, Flaviar delivers a tasting box of spirits along with one full-sized bottle every three months.

The service is more expansive, including spirits like rum, gin, and brandy, alongside whisky.

The Really Good Whisky Company

In the pursuit of The Whisky Club alternatives, The Really Good Whisky Company provides a compelling option.

Its whisky subscription service is personalized, letting subscribers choose their preference for whisky type, region, and peat level.

This makes it an ideal choice for the discerning whisky enthusiast who knows their palate.

Master of Malt: Dram Club

Another viable contender among The Whisky Club alternatives is Master of Malt's Dram Club.

The service delivers five hand-picked 30ml drams of whisky to its subscribers each month.

This approach allows for a more extensive exploration of whiskies without committing to a full-sized bottle.

The Whisky Club alternatives: our top pick

After considering all The Whisky Club alternatives, the service that stands out is Flaviar.

Flaviar's extensive offerings, educational materials, and inclusion of spirits beyond whisky make it a well-rounded and enjoyable subscription service for both whisky enthusiasts and spirits explorers.

The verdict on The Whisky Club alternatives

In the exploration of The Whisky Club alternatives, it's clear that the best whisky subscriptions are those that cater to individual preferences and provide a wide range of selections.

Whether you're a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, there's a whisky subscription service out there that matches your exploration style and palate preferences.

Remember, the journey through the world of whisky is a personal one, meant to be savoured and enjoyed at your own pace.