Best Indian Whiskies 2023

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Indian whisky has been capturing the world's attention with its unique flavors and impressive craftsmanship.

The history of distilling in India is deeply rooted in its culture, and the country's love for whisky is both historic and evolving.

Distilling techniques have been refined over the years, leading to the creation of some of the world's best Indian whiskies.

This article will explore six of the finest Indian whiskies, culminating in the selection of our Best Indian Whisky top pick.

1. Amrut Single Malt

Amrut Single Malt, crafted in Bangalore, is a pioneer in the Indian single malt category. This whisky is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor, with notes of tropical fruits, oak, and a hint of peat.

The unique climate of Bangalore contributes to a faster maturation process, imbuing the whisky with a complexity often found in older whiskies.

Notable Whiskies:

  • Amrut Fusion: A mix of Indian and Scottish barley, known for its smoky and fruity profile.
  • Amrut Peated: Offers a beautifully integrated peat profile.

Why it made the list: Amrut Single Malt has received global acclaim, making it one of the best Indian whiskies. Its innovative approach to traditional distilling techniques stands out in the whisky world.

2. Paul John Single Malt

Hailing from Goa, Paul John Single Malt has quickly risen to prominence.

Known for its smooth texture and flavors that range from honey and cinnamon to spicy clove, this whisky has a distinct tropical character, thanks to Goa's warm climate.

Notable Whiskies:

  • Paul John Edited: A whisky with a hint of peat, adding complexity to its fruity character.
  • Paul John Brilliance: An unpeated variant, showcasing the natural flavors of the Indian barley.

Why it made the list: The unique character of Paul John whiskies and their exceptional quality place them among the best Indian whiskies, catering to a diverse range of palates.

3. Rampur Indian Single Malt

Rampur Indian Single Malt, distilled in Uttar Pradesh, is known for its delicate and elegant character.

This whisky features fruity and floral notes, with a subtle hint of spice, making it a harmonious blend of traditional and modern flavors.

Notable Whiskies:

  • Rampur Select: A classic single malt with a well-rounded profile.
  • Rampur Asava: Unique for its aging in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, adding a distinctive wine-like finish.

Why it made the list: Rampur's smooth and refined character secures its place as one of the best Indian whiskies, offering a unique experience to whisky enthusiasts.

4. Radico Khaitan

Radico Khaitan is one of India's oldest and most respected distilleries.

Their whiskies are known for their balanced flavors, combining traditional distilling methods with modern innovation.

Notable Whiskies:

  • 8PM: A popular blend, known for its smoothness and affordability.
  • Rampur Single Malt: A premium offering that showcases the distillery's expertise.

Why it made the list: Radico Khaitan's commitment to quality and consistency makes their whiskies some of the best Indian whiskies available, appealing to both new and experienced whisky drinkers.

5. Solan Number One

Produced in the Kasauli region, Solan Number One is one of the oldest whisky brands in India.

This whisky is appreciated for its mellow flavor and subtle smokiness, a tribute to the traditional Scottish style.

Notable Whiskies:

  • Solan Gold: A smooth and approachable whisky, perfect for everyday sipping.
  • Solan Black: A more intense and robust version, suitable for those who prefer a stronger flavor profile.

Why it made the list: The historical significance and consistently good quality of Solan Number One make it a must-try for those exploring the best Indian whisky.

6. McDowell's No.1

McDowell's No.1 is one of India's best-selling whiskies, known for its accessibility and easy-drinking character.

This blend includes a mix of malt and grain spirits, offering a light and approachable profile.

Notable Whiskies:

  • McDowell's No.1 Reserve: A higher-end expression with a richer flavor.
  • McDowell's No.1 Diet Mate: A unique offering tailored for health-conscious consumers.

Why it made the list: McDowell's No.1 is included for its popularity and its role in popularizing whisky in India, making it a significant player in the best Indian whisky category.

Top Pick: Amrut Single Malt

After considering each whisky's unique qualities and contributions to the Indian whisky landscape, Amrut Single Malt stands out as the top pick. Its innovative approach, complex flavor profile, and international acclaim make it the best Indian whisky, representing the pinnacle of Indian distilling expertise.


The best Indian whisky is a blend of tradition, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship.

From Amrut's pioneering single malts to Paul John's tropical notes and Rampur's Himalayan influence, each brand brings its unique character to the world of whisky.

These distilleries not only honor the rich history of whisky making in India but also chart a course for its exciting future.

With each bottle, they offer a taste of India's proud whisky heritage and a glimpse into its bright future in the global spirits arena.