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Global distilleries echoing the craft of Bakery Hill

The Australian whisky scene, a relatively young player in the ancient game of distillation, has rapidly matured into a globally recognized powerhouse of quality and innovation. From the misty highlands of Tasmania to the sun-kissed fields of Victoria, Australia's distilleries have been crafting spirits that not only challenge but also redefine the norms of traditional whisky making.

In a country more famous for its wines and beers, these distilleries have carved out a niche that is uniquely Australian, both in character and in flavor.

Australian whiskies have been turning heads on the world stage, racking up a host of prestigious awards and accolades.

Sullivans Cove French Oak Single Cask, for instance, was crowned the World's Best Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards in 2014, a groundbreaking achievement that put Australian whisky on the global map.

Starward's Nova Single Malt has also been lauded for its innovative approach, bagging multiple awards including the Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

These accolades are a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of Australian distillers, who are not afraid to push boundaries and embrace the unique qualities of their local environments.

In this exploration, we delve into the world of whisky distilleries that share a kindred spirit with Bakery Hill, a beacon of Australian whisky excellence known for its traditional methods and exceptional single malts.

We've selected five distilleries from across the globe that mirror Bakery Hill's commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Each offers a unique perspective on whisky making, reflecting the distinct characteristics of their respective regions, much like Bakery Hill captures the essence of the Australian terroir.

1. Top Pick: Springbank Distillery, Scotland

Location: Campbeltown, Scotland

Why It's Similar to Bakery Hill: Springbank is renowned for its traditional distilling methods, including floor malting, which is a rarity today.

Like Bakery Hill, they emphasize craft and quality, producing a range of whiskies that are both varied and distinctive.

Their approach to whisky making, with a hands-on, artisanal focus, closely mirrors Bakery Hill's commitment to quality and tradition.

Whiskies Produced:

  • Springbank 10-Year-Old
  • Springbank 15-Year-Old
  • Springbank 18-Year-Old
  • Springbank 21-Year-Old
  • Longrow (Peated)
  • Hazelburn (Triple Distilled)
  • Special Mention: Springbank 21-Year-Old, known for its exceptional balance of rich fruit, gentle peat, and maritime notes.

2. BenRiach Distillery, Scotland

Location: Speyside, Scotland

Why It's Similar to Bakery Hill: BenRiach, located in the heart of Speyside, stands out for its innovative and diverse range of whiskies.

Much like Bakery Hill, they're not afraid to experiment with different cask finishes, resulting in a wide array of flavor profiles.

Their commitment to craftsmanship and quality parallels Bakery Hill's approach.

Whiskies Produced:

  • The Original Ten
  • The Smoky Ten
  • The Twelve
  • The Smoky Twelve
  • Cask Edition Range
  • Special Mention: The Smoky Twelve, which offers a unique balance of fruit, malt, and subtle smoke.

3. Westland Distillery, USA

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Why It's Similar to Bakery Hill: Westland Distillery in Seattle is at the forefront of the American single malt movement.

Their focus on local ingredients and innovative aging processes mirrors Bakery Hill's dedication to crafting a distinctively regional product.

Westland's exploration of different types of American oak and their use of local barley varieties aligns with Bakery Hill's innovative spirit.

Whiskies Produced:

  • American Oak
  • Sherry Wood
  • Peated Malt
  • Garryana
  • Colere
  • Special Mention: Garryana, notable for its unique use of rare Garry oak, creating a complex and distinctive flavor profile.

4. Kavalan Distillery, Taiwan

Location: Yilan County, Taiwan

Why It's Similar to Bakery Hill: Kavalan has rapidly gained international acclaim for its quality and innovation.

Situated in a region with a unique climate that accelerates maturation, their whiskies develop complex flavors quickly, akin to Bakery Hill's diverse and robust range.

Kavalan's emphasis on the wood policy and a variety of cask finishes reflects a similar approach to whisky making as Bakery Hill.

Whiskies Produced:

  • Kavalan Classic
  • Concertmaster
  • Solist Vinho Barrique
  • Solist Sherry Cask
  • Kavalan Podium
  • Special Mention: Solist Vinho Barrique, known for its rich, fruity, and complex profile.

5. Mackmyra Distillery, Sweden

Location: Gävle, Sweden

Why It's Similar to Bakery Hill: Mackmyra Distillery is known for its innovative approach to whisky making, including the use of local Swedish ingredients and unique aging conditions.

Their experimentation with different types of casks and ingredients is reminiscent of Bakery Hill's dedication to crafting a diverse range of quality whiskies.

Whiskies Produced:

  • Mackmyra Svensk Ek
  • Mackmyra Svensk Rök
  • Mackmyra Grönt Te (Green Tea)
  • Mackmyra Seasonal Releases
  • Special Mention: Mackmyra Svensk Rök, which uniquely incorporates Swedish peat and juniper, offering a distinctively Nordic twist to the whisky.

Each of these distilleries, from the historical depths of Springbank to the innovative spirits of Mackmyra, shares a common thread with Bakery Hill – a commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation in whisky making.

They each offer a unique lens through which to explore the diverse world of single malt whisky, reflecting the rich tapestries of their respective regions.

For enthusiasts of Bakery Hill, these distilleries represent not just comparable alternatives, but journeys into the varied and fascinating world of whisky craftsmanship.